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    "I went 3 months without a voice and with difficulty swallowing due to a vocal cord paralysis following a biopsy of a mass that turned out to be cancer. The surgeon would not operate to remove the cancer until my vocal cord would work again due to fear of the other vocal cord becoming paralyzed which would have further compromised my airway. Even though I was told it would move again on it's own, it still would not move to make a voice until I had three weeks of swallow and voice therapy with Southeastern Biocommunication Associates, LLC.

    Thanks to the professionals at SBA, my voice seemed to be near normal and my swallow seemed fine to me after only three weeks of therapy. When I followed up with the surgeon, he told me after examining my vocal cords with an endoscope he could not tell there was ever a problem.

    Thanks to SBA, not only did I get my life back by regaining my voice to be heard with my daughter and a normal swallow, I also was able to go ahead and undergo the surgery to remove the cancer and start my radiation therapy. I really don't know how to say it but SBA gave me back my life. Now, I look forward to life with my daughter and husband and seeing my daughter grow up".

    - Rafaela,

      Hoover, AL

    "I am a Speech-Language Pathologist that works for a short-term rehab and skilled nursing facility in Birmingham, Alabama. Prior to coming to this facility I worked for 6 years in a hospital setting. I did hundreds of Modified Barium Swallow studies. I never enjoyed nor felt that MBS studies on outpatients from SNF’s were reliable or helpful to the referring SLP. The patient was being sent away from a familiar environment to strangers in a cold, sterile x-ray room and asked to drink this stuff that tasted terrible. This is why I was overjoyed when Dr. Robert Arnold contacted my facility to discuss his company’s service.

    Now “Dr. Bob” comes to us in a timely manner. The referring SLP is present as well as family at times for the swallow studies. We have immediate results and reports. We get pictures which can be helpful with education and referrals to ENT or GI. He does e-stim mapping to determine exactly which placement and mA is therapeutic for improving swallow function. Many of our short term and long term patients have benefitted from the FEES (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow) done by Dr. Bob. He helps us impact our patient’s lives with the tools to restore, compensate and adapt swallow function. Our documentation and justification for services is so much better with the FEES instrumental assessments and recommendations provided by Dr. Bob Arnold.We say “SBA Rocks”!

    - Tracey,

       Birmingham, AL

    CSA (Comprehensive Swallow Assessment) gives us the clinical information we need to make our speech therapy more holistic, intensive, aggressive, and ultimately more effective.​

    - Dr. Samuel Keith Suttle, Louisville Medical Associates
       Louisville, Mississippi