Southeastern Biocommunication Associates, LLC
Southeastern Biocommunication Associates, LLC

  • CSA™

    What is it?

    • Comprehensive History & Physical of Upper Aerodigestive Tract and it’s overlapping/supporting body systems. 
    • Review of Current Medications and all available Biomedical Lab Work
    • Clinical Swallow Exam
    • Endoscopic Exam of Velopharyngeal Port 
    • Perceptual Analysis of Voice 
    • Acoustic Analysis of Voice
    • Stroboscopic Exam
    • FEES Exam
    • Reflux Finding Score 
    • Esophageal Exam
    • Gastric Screening

    *All of this is bundled into one low cost effective price with no minimum referrals required. 

    Who We Serve

    - Skilled Nursing Facilities
    - Hospitals
    - Assisted Living Facilities and SCALF
    - Outpatient Therapy Clinics /CORFs
    - LTAC

    - Home Health Agencies